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Winning the Lixil competition 2016

In Tokyo with students to present our project for this year's Lixil Competition with the theme 'Comfort and Lightness'. And we won. So the structure will be built. Here is some more text:

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts team from the Department of Architecture and Design, working in conjunction with Professor Anders Brix, has been shortlisted as finalists for the LIXIL International Student Architectural Competition: Comfort and Lightness. LIXIL, the competitions host organisation, has a sustained focus on addressing the challenges associated with the vision of creating a spiritually rich living environment, while promoting sustainable consumption of Earth’s resources. Through international student competitions, LIXIL encourages international universities to propose and build innovative architectural interventions.

This year, the LIXIL competition focuses on the environment, with participants being commissioned to design a sustainable, portable house for five people. The house will be situated in Memu meadows, Taiki-cho, Hokkaido. KADK team’s proposal emphasises a mobile home that allows its residents to be capable of living comfortably and in close proximity to the surrounding nature throughout the year. We are rethinking solutions for living in proximity with nature, thereby renewing the contact between the environment and our senses that has been lost in urban life. With this in mind, the team has designed a translucent, light structural shelter that utilises various moving screens, thereby allowing users to negotiate their omnidirectional relationship with the surrounding environment.

Along with two other universities we have been shortlisted to present our proposal in Japan, with the eventual goal of constructing our structure. The second round of the competition focuses on the three teams refining and finalising a project plan for their mobile homes. The winning team will be announced in July and receive a prize of 15,000 dollars – the winners will subsequently build their project in Taiki-cho, led by the renowned architect Kengo Kuma.

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